Infrastructural Inequalities have produced a series of resources that follow the publication of Infrastructural Inequalities Journal: Policing, Crisis, Abolition, a special issue focused on carceral infrastructures and the struggle to abolish them.

Abolition Futures Podcast

‘Abolition Futures’ is a standalone podcast episode made by Andrew Brooks, Liam Grealy, and Astrid Lorange, co-facilitators of the Infrastructural Inequalities research network. Featuring Tabitha Lean, Renae “Rocket” Bretherton, Debbie Kilroy, Dr Amanda Porter, and Alison Whittaker.
Released by Media Futures Podcast, August 8, 2022

Critiquing the Carceral State, Organising Abolitionist Futures

Featuring Tabitha Lean, Debbie Kilroy, Amanda Porter, Behrouz Boochani, and Omid Tofighian
Originally broadcast May 14, 2021
Stream the panel here

Resistant Media and Abolitionist Storytelling

Featuring Alison Whittaker, Rocket Bretherton, and Johanna Bell
Originally broadcast May 17, 2021
Stream the panel here